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New ... video clipfrom Fox 23 news

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T&T Towing help set up the "Stop DWI" program for students during prom season















Just a bit windy ...




First snow related accident of the season





Accident Response Unit


The whole lineup of vehicles capable of handling any accident cleanup.

Circus 2012 comes to Albany ... with the help of T&T Towing




A bit of a load shift ....



One of only a few snow days this year
































Circus comes to town




"yeah, you can get right to it ..."

Don't even ask what is in this rig

Not quite enough room to turn this one


Our antique tow truck get more work done





It's been a tough winter ....



Don't always believe your GPS ...


a bit too deep for this van to get through





T&T Towing assisting Julian of NightTowl with an ice fishing "mishap"


Another view of the ice fishing mess



Here we are working with Kinetic Towing on a backhoe recovery

Now... how do I explain this to the boss .... hmmm



A call for just a flat tire ....

Hmmm ..... seems a new tire is the least of his worries


Moral ...... "Don't always trust your GPS"


































Fork lift roll over incident



Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus 2009 


Another shot of the circus move - 2009 


More Circus action - 2009 






































New Flat Bed Trailer












































New service rig ready to roll


Accident scene 













































Flat Bed truck

Large Flat Bed Rig


Antique Tow Truck

Antique Tow Truck

Service Rig

                                        Service Rig




Larger Rig


Flat Bed with earth mover


Flat Bed with earth mover #2

Large flat bed rig with small dozer used for cleaning up accident scenes or for unloading trucks.